*All of our trips will start and end from Lefkada
**Check in time is always at 15:00 Local time on Saturday and check out will be 9:00 Local Time on Saturday


This approach is for you who need a vacation where you want to get closer to yourself and your deeper self with the help of nature. Greece is a country with a lot of energy, the sun, the sea, its beauties, the multiculturalism that all these centuries bring to us give us incredible energy. It’s the perfect summer destination to get to know everything you can’t do here.

Our proposal for this specific holiday plan is a daily plan whose structure includes:
1. Pilates morning workout
2. breakfast meal
3. swimming / snorkeling
4. lunch
5.sunset meditation / yoga
6. dinner

All pilates / yoga activities are done in isolated locations so that there is no external disturbance.
The types of this cruise can be done with the consultation of certified yoga & pilates instructors.
There is also a massage service available on this type of cruise.